The Threaded email communicator is based on the Mailman open source application. It provides all registered users, and not only the Administrator, with an email messanger which reaches the whole community. The forwarded messages, which get moderated in near real time to ensure quality and consistency with the relevant threads, cover various topics such as tenders for finance (FP of EU, Central and Local Authorities), events, international business missions, cooperative projects and proposals, training opportunities and publications. One noteworthy periodical info dealt with in the Communicator is the ”showcase of space prototypes and products“, or a list of technologies created by the Db tool, based on the users' own requests for technical and financial cooperation in the phase of pre-competitive and competitive development. Access to the tool is automatic for the registered users of the Db and the Content manager but can also be obtained separately by anyone writing to

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The working threads are actually corresponding to the following email accounts to which the messages can be sent:

1), relative to the Db tool and its interactions such as events, tenders, products showcase, etc.

2), thread dedicated to the (100 ca.) participants in the socio-economic DV Panel.

3), thread dedicated to the Science and Research subjects participating in the DV Panel

4), relative to the users of the IDIS Area of the Content manager, aimed at the european project for a self managed repository of scientifical and technical documentation on space.

5), for the restricted use of the voluntary scientific supervisors of IDIS project.

The Communicator also offers for each thread an accessory web panel where, mainly upon password, the users can avail themselves of services such as: browsing the threads users lists, password resending and password change, subscribe and unsubscribe functions, search of message history by date, subject, author. The general web panel which in turn leads to the specific threads panels can be found on Mailman.

Manager: Dr. Giacomo P. Sciortino, Tel. +39 06 8567406

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