The Content manager is a documentary platform based on the Alfresco open source application. It offers various effective workflows such as: document storage, archiving, sharing and interaction (i.e. web based project cooperation). All spaces and documents placed on the platform are web editable and this is another noteworthy feature. Also subjects who are not registered in the Db (the main portal's tool) can apply to access the platform: entrepreneurial associations, public entities and private subjects. The Db users will enter the same credentials also for the platform. The other subjects can apply for credentials and detailed info with

Go to the Content manager welcome page (dashboard): click here

Go to the Content manager through a guided list of its main work areas: click here

Attention: in accessing the Content manager you are directed by default to the so-said welcome page “My Alfresco” (dashboard) containing a concise description of its features. Further details can be found in the “Getting started” section thereunder. We strongly recommend to read these notes before entering the platform, which must be done using the navigation bar on the left side of the screen, at a chosen level, and tipically: a) into the “Company home”, the platform root showing its first level branches; b) into the “My home” space, directly to the point where your space has been created by the Administrator. Using Alfresco could prove difficult for the newcomer. Hence, we suggest preferably, to avail yourselves of the guided links here below, which lead to already established, and more user-friendly work areas.

Manager: Dr. Giacomo P. Sciortino, Tel. +39 06 8567406

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