Access to the public DB features selecting a menu item on the left, or login if you are a registered user: you will then be able to modify your info sheet in the Firms menu

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The database, set up in 2004 with the financing of Ministry of University and Research, is a self updating Directory for all subjects operating in the space sector in Italy, with a commercial purpose. Upon registration in the Db the new member receives his personal credentials (to enter in the 'login' and 'password' fields below) which allow to complete and update his records. Note that this registration is also being gradually enforced as mandatory in contracting with ASI. The Db membership grants automatic access to the other tools of the Distretto Virtuale portal. Applications to register in the Db can be sent to

The Db offers to any visitor general references and specialisations on the registered subjects, both technical and commercial. It allows useful queries by type of subject (company and relative size, research entity, etc.), residence, technical area, etc. Beside this general info, the Db feeds specific information flows within ASI as well as outward, such as periodical indexes of the space sector's trends and lists of prototypes and products undergoing technical development and commercial promotion, requiring cooperation and co-financing. Manager: Giacomo P.Sciortino,  Tel +39 06 8567406.

DB temporarily hosts the ESA Pilot Group initiative. Welcome!

The ESA Pilot group is at the moment the only international holder of writing privileges in the DB, apart from the Italian space firms and entities. When logging with ESA Pilot credentials the user will therefore access a set of dedicated webpages for browsing and compiling, with different services than those offered here to the international guest user.

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