Lastly, we point you out a list of important documents for the "Distretto Virtuale" community. They are stored in the Content management platform and can be downloaded from the following links:

  • Il Report di Finanza Integrativa (Integrated finance sources report) contains an updated (6monthly) concise description of the main financial sources for R&D accessable by the italian space sector.
  • Territorio, Regioni e Spazio" (Territory Regions and Space) contains a description of ASI's strategies and programmes for integrated financing and marketing both at national and local level.
  • The periodic Report on the general trends of italian space industry (production, employees, R&D, SME, etc.) processed with data of the D.V.'s Panel firms. See also the updated specific sample Study on 'space related' economies.
  • La breve guida all'uso del Distretto Virtuale. (a short guide to the use of Distretto Virtuale) contains selected operational info and mandatory rules for the registered users in the various tools of the portal. A detailed handbook on the use of the portal tools (in italian only) is available HERE

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